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The Perfect Koh Lipe Trip

As I wrote about in another article, Koh Lipe is a place that definitely gets better the more you visit. I found the island forgettable the first time I went; I returned and was singing its praises before I even left.

That post focused mostly on making the case that Lipe was worth going to in the first place. This one, conversely, will assist you in planning your trip once you’ve already decided that you’re going to go for sure.

It’s the only Koh Lipe itinerary you’re going to need, though I will warn you: Lipe is the sort of island that will make you want to lose track of time. So you’ll want to leave plenty of spare minutes and hours, no matter what else you plan to get up to.

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Where to Stay in Koh Lipe

When it comes to Koh Lipe hotels, there are basically three areas where you can stay. The most exclusive hotels are located along Sunrise Beach, and in particular its aptly-named North Point. These range from budget bungalows like Castaway Resort, to luxurious resorts like Bulow Casa Grand View Resort. The second area where you can stay is really two areas: The secondary shores of Pattaya Beach and Sunset Beach.

A third option is to stay along Koh Lipe’s convenient Walking Street. Whether you choose somewhere like Leelawadee Lipe Resort, or a smaller hotel (some of these aren’t even bookable online!), you’re directly connected to the island’s main pedestrian artery. This places you only a short walk from both Sunrise and Pattaya Beaches.

My Favorite Things to Do in Koh Lipe

Spend the afternoon at Sunrise Beach


It might sound paradoxical to visit a place called Sunrise Beach close to sunset, but stay with me. You see, the sun shines from the west onto this beach (which faces east) the lower it sinks in the sky. Therefore, the best pictures are taken this time; it’s also the best time to swim in its swimming pool-like waters.

Hike to Koh Adang’s viewpoint


No Koh Lipe itinerary is complete without Koh Adang. A much larger (but wholly undeveloped) island located just north of Lipe (a longtail boat can take you), it’s home to an amazing viewpoint. Blessed with three levels (only the highest two are worth visiting), this ascent allows you to see all of Koh Lipe in a single shot.

(And swim at its beach)


You won’t find any bars or restaurants along Koh Adang Beach—or even any palm trees, as it turns out. What you will find, however, are towering palm trees, which rise above sand so white and water so clear that it rivals the perfect of main-island beaches.

Lean into Lipe’s relaxed vibe


My Koh Lipe travel guide doesn’t go into as much detail about bars as some others do—I don’t dispute this. On the other hand, having seen many bars open and close during the near-decade I’ve been visiting the island, I can tell you that it’s less about the name of the place (though I do like Nomad Bar) and more about the vibe.

Take full advantage of the Walking Street


When it comes to so called “walking streets” in Thailand, I can generally take or leave them. In the case of Koh Lipe Walking Street, however, I’m completely sold. Not only is it home to most of the island’s restaurants (and a good number of bars); it’s also utilitarian, connecting Sunrise Beach with Pattaya Beach.

How Many Days Should You Spend in Koh Lipe?

Koh Lipe isn’t a huge island, but you’ll want to leave yourself some time to take it in. For most travelers, this involves staying 2-3 days. This gives you a day (or even two) simply to enjoy Koh Lipe’s superlative beaches, and another to get off the island. For me, this typically entailed a short boat ride over the water to Koh Adang and its awesome viewpoint, but you may instead choose to snorkel.

If money and time are no object—and, importantly, if you don’t think you’ll easily get bored—there’s really no maximum number to how many days in Koh Lipe. You could stay a week or even longer, though personally I think I’d get a little stir crazy after all that time. Then again, it’s ultimately down to you: Only you know the kind of traveler you really are.

Other FAQ About Your Trip to Koh Lipe

Is Koh Lipe still worth visiting?

Koh Lipe is absolutely still worth visiting. In fact, having been in 2015 and then in 2024, I’d say I actually prefer it these days. The island has grown into itself, and if anything now provides a better balance than it used to. Upscale, but not stuffy; alternative, but not deserted; busy, but not bursting-at-the-seams.

What is the best month to go to Koh Lipe?

Like most of the rest of the islands in Thailand’s Andaman Sea, Koh Lipe is at its best during the country’s dry season, i.e. from about the end of November until late March or early April. You can visit outside these times, though even if you luck out with good weather, transportation and even accommodation options may be reduced.

Is Koh Lipe a party island?

Koh Lipe certainly has a large number of bars and nightclubs for an island its size. On the other hand, there are plenty of non-party ways to occupy yourself; most accommodations are far enough away from nightlife that its prevalence won’t bother you unless you’re looking to be bothered.

The Bottom Line

I hope this Koh Lipe itinerary helps you plan an amazing trip—I generally like to stay at least three days in Koh Lipe. On your first day you can chill, whether that’s swimming in the shallow waters around North Point, or having sunset cocktails at Nomad Bar. Go adventurous the second day: Ride a long tail over the water to Koh Adang, or out even further to snorkel or scuba dive. On day three, focus on your energy once again on Lipe itself, be that Sunrise, Sunset and Pattaya beaches, or its excellent Walking Street. Need personalized help putting your Thailand island trip together? Consider commissioning a custom Thailand itinerary!


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